How do I realize that I must renew the adjustable bed mattress?

A mattress in good condition

Even if you feel a lot of temptation for it, avoid jumping or standing on the bed! And every three months you must turn and flip the mattress. Remember: turn up and down and turn from right to left to ensure that the wear is progressive and homogeneous in all its dimensions if the mattress is double-sided, but you just have to turn it every three months.

Top up the care of your mattress by cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter, at least once a year. This helps to eliminate the possible allergens that it contains and that do not interfere in our rest. Making a simple calculation, they are only ten aspirations at most during the life of the mattress. It’s not much, is it?

How do I realize that I must renew the adjustable bed mattress?

We can differentiate up to five different factors that should put you on alert about the need to change your mattress:

The first factor you already know: if you are more than eight years old, we should begin to think about the need for a new one. It is not whimsy; it is – simply – to maintain optimum conditions of comfort and hygiene.

There are several physical signs that indicate something is wrong: do you get up with neck or back pain? This is a clear indicator (unless there is a medical factor involved) that the mattress is no longer in good condition.

In this same sense, if when you get up in the morning you feel tired and without strength, is that something is not quite right. Begin to inquire here about your new model so that it stops happening.

Do not let any of these five factors spoil the restful rest you need every night! The moment you detect that something is not right with your mattress, or that they have already passed the 10 years of useful life, we recommend that you look here your nearest store and acquire a new model. Now you can even renew your old mattress with best adjustable bed mattress.