What are the most recommended juvenile mattresses?

Although the amount of sleep is determined almost always by the age of each child/adolescent, which leave no doubt studies is that getting enough sleep is vital for a child to “grow well” and can perform their daily activities with total normal.

Of all the factors that influence this area, juvenile mattresses have a predominant role. And is that … What happens when a child sleeps properly?

  • There is a direct impact on physical and intellectual development.
  • More than 80% of the growth hormone is secreted during the hours of sleep.
  • The school activity is more fruitful because the school performance is much better in a rested child.
  • According to some studies, cell aging is better in children who sleep properly.

Everything you have to know about youth mattresses

As with adults, there are dozens of factors that influence the hygiene of a child’s sleep: the stay chosen to sleep, the use or not of the mobile phone before bed, the amount of noise to which the room is subjected , the correct structuring of the daily routines and, of course, the diet and the amount of exercise performed. And the rest equipment (mattress, base, and pillow), which deserves a separate mention.

According to the data, parents are especially focused on comfort level and hygiene when choosing the best mattress for children. It is, of course, two essential factors in the choice.

  • To ensure a correct level of comfort, attention should be paid to the technology of youth mattresses, without forgetting that the level of firmness is another variable to be taken into account.
  • On the other hand, the figures guarantee that juvenile mattresses must comply with high standards of protection against mites, bacteria, and fungi, which are responsible for the allergies suffered by 70% of children. 

Although directly has nothing to do with the benefits of a mattress, when choosing juvenile mattresses for the little ones in the house, it should be done with them next. Children have to try mattresses the same way an adult does, no matter how old they are.

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